800 gr. of Flour

A little quantity of Salt

300 gr. of Butter

For the Filling:

300 gr. of Confectioner’s Custard
200 gr. of Black Cherry Jam
2 yolks

Some Icing Sugar


Prepare a puff pastry with the flour, the butter and a little quantity of salt. After having let it settle, roll it out with a rolling pin on a floured table. Now cut it through a pastry cutter forming several 10 cm diameter discs.

Pour on the half surface of these discs a little quantity of black cherry jam and of confectioner’s custard. Roll up the discs sealing their borders with some beaten yolks. With the same yolks blush the sfogliatelle surface and put them in a preheat oven (160°) for 30 minutes.

Let the sfogliatelle cool down and then garnish them with the proper icing bag decoring them with some confectioner’s custard and with some black cherries. Finally cover them with icing sugar.

The SantaRosa Sfogliatelle

The "SantaRosa" Sfogliatelle